Skin Care in Personal Hygiene


B&F Medical has a wide range of skin care products supplies and personal hygiene items. Take care of your skin with the variety of skin care products including lotions, gel, gloves, ointment and kits. You will find skin care product to provide pain relief in muscles and joints; antibacterial product to prevent infection in cuts and bruises,

  • Point relief­ hotspot and point relief­ cold spot for muscles and joints aches and pains remedy
  • Zinc oxide used for poison ivy poison oak and poison sumac as well as diaper rash
  • Betadine Solution to Help Prevent Infection from Cuts, Bruises and Rashes
  • All-Gel Bunion Guard for Protection Against Friction and Pressure.
  • Easy Way to Apply Lotion or Gel to The Back Without Twisting
  • Lotion Mitt - Velvety Soft Extremely Luxurious Foam Mitt Applies Lotions Smoothly and Evenly
  • Comb Extended – This Product Will Extend and Is Designed to Provide Maximum Reach with Minimum Effort When Combing Your Hair
  • 2nd Skin Blister Kit -Helps Prevent and Manage Blisters * 2nd Skin© Moist Pads (Non-Sterile) Help Protect Against Pressure Friction and Blisters