Incontinence Products in-depth Review
Abena Abri-Form Classic Adult Diaper 

This video demonstrates a series of test perform by Abena on the Abr-Form Adult Diapers. These diapers are of high quality, very absorbent which can be attributed to the excellent padding for leakage prevention.

Additionally, the video shows the superior quality of Abena’s adult diapers when compared to similar products on the market today.


Take a look at the video below on the Abri-Form Classic Adult Diaper review:

 Published on Feb 28, 2018 by Abena

In this video, we test the "Classic" Abena Abri-Form 4 (poly backed) (formerly known as X-Plus) to find out Who this product would work best.Abena Abri-Form 4 "Classic" Adult Diaper In-Depth.

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