Compression Apparels: How They Work And What Are Their Types!!

Posted by B&F Medical Supplies on Feb 28th 2019

Compression apparels are mainly designed to help improve the performance and reduce the recovery time of an injury. These garments improve blood circulation and provide more effective blood flow in or … read more

Diapers and Briefs can help to Alleviate Incontinence Problems!

Posted by B&F Medical Supplies on Feb 14th 2019

Many adults above the age of 50 faces some form of incontinence, and the problem is common among men and women. It can be embarrassing for people due to the stigma attached to it. Adult diapers &a … read more

Factors to look for when choosing commode and toilet chairs!!

Posted by BfMedSupply on Nov 12th 2018

Commodes and toilet chairs are basically for people who suffer with incontinence problems, from pediatric, adults to geriatric users. These chairs are some of the most important medical … read more