Pet Diabetic & Health Products

Advocate Pet test 21 Gauge Safety Lancing Device

There is a lancing device to help manage your pet’s diabetic health. The Advocate PetTest 21 Gauge Safety Lancets are single use, self-contained lancing devices designed to provide better blood samples from difficult sampling situations or hard to reach sites. The 21-gauge needle quickly penetrates and automatically retracts for the simplest, safest and most convenient lancing experience possible. Packaged 100 per box.

Pet Test Strips

Manage your pets diabetic health with Advocate Test Strips. The Test Strips are for use with PetTest Blood Glucose Meters – can be used for dogs and cats. They are used for the monitoring and testing of blood glucose level.

Pet Test Strips features include:

  • No Coding Required
  • Small Sample Size
  • Alternate Site Testing Approved
  • Accurate & Easy to Handle
  • Available in 50 count Vials
  • Smallest Sample Size Needed (0.3 mcL)
Pet Test Blood Glucose Monitoring System

The Advocate PetTest Blood Glucose Monitoring System is an easy-to-use portable blood glucose monitoring system specifically regulated and validated to provide accurate blood glucose results on dogs and cats. Designed for home, veterinary office or laboratory use, the PetTest diabetic system requires NO CODING with accurate results on every test, on every species.

Pet Test Lancing Device

The PetTest diabetic Lancing Device is used to get a capillary blood sample to monitor blood glucose levels. Compatible with all Advocate machines. PetTest Lancets feature One-Hand Lancet Ejection and Adjustable Depth Selection - 5 depth settings.

Pet Test Coolshot Numbering System

COOLshot is the most humane way to administer a shot to your pet diabetes. Coolshot is a new way to deliver pain-free needles, lancets, and injections for your pet diabetes! You LOVE your pets. They're like your children (just, with a little more hair). We feel the same way at PetTest, which is why we sought to take the pain out of injections, lancing, and insulin delivery. COOLshot numbs the area thoroughly so you (and your pet) don't have to dread the experience any longer!.

COOLshot is great for...
  • Vet Visits
  • Home Testing
  • Insulin Pain/Sting
Pet Test Control Solution

The PetTest Control Solution ensure the ADVOCATE PetTest Meter and Test Strips are working together properly, the ADVOCATE Control Solution is used to test the glucose meter without using a blood sample.

Pet Test Pee-Pads

The Advocate PetTest Pee-Pads feature super absorbent materials to handle your pet's accidents! The deep quilted pad absorbs liquid quickly and the leak-resistant design ensures that it stays on the pad, not on your floor or furniture. In addition, the fire hydrant design practically begs your pet to "GO HERE"!PetTest Pee-Pad comes in 8 packs of 25 (200 total).

PetTest Pee-Pads pets diabetes product features include:

  • Waterproof moisture barrier
  • Quilted, fluffy tissue
  • Non-irritating liner with odor control
  • Durable construction
  • Latex-free
  • High absorbency