Ossur Cold Rush Pads

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Ossur Cold Rush Pads are designed to provide cold therapy using the Ossur Rush Cold Therapy Unit. The Ossur Cold Rush Knee Pad and the Ossur Cold Rush Shoulder Pad is made to fit specific areas of the body however, there are also pads designed for the hip, lumbar, foot & ankle, or universal use. Each pad is designed to contour to the body for maximum comfort and made for single patient use.

These pads should only be applied over an insulation barrier and never directly to the skin. T

Product Features and Benefits

  • Contours to the Body
  • Provides Cold Therapy
  • Made for Single Patient Use
  • Reduces Localized Pain
  • Reduces Post-Surgical Swelling

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Ossur
  • Brand: Cold Rush
  • Pad Type: Knee, Hip, Shoulder, Universal, Rectangular, Lumbar, Foot & Ankle
  • Application: Cold Therapy