N95 Respirator Masks - Rockrooster 10/pack (in stock)

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 N95 – 95% efficient respiratory protection in non-oil areas 
 Rockrooster/ Model No: N95
Hangzhou Yien Co., Ltd.
  Double Meltblown fabarics
  Latex Free
  Soft and Comfortable
  Three dimensional modeling
 Ultrasonic Bonding for a cleaner mask
These masks are design with double-layer meltblown filter, three-dimensional modeling and BFE>95%.  These Masks contain
an aluminum nose piece and should be stored in a cool place.
  • Proper design – Large coverage providing a comfortable fit for the user. 
  • Smooth layers – Soft, smooth outer and inner layer is comfortable on the skin, unlike other masks which can be uncomfortably rough. 
  • Adjustable nose piece – Outer aluminum nose piece holds shape and provides a proper fit during use. 
  • Fit – One size fits all


This product has been tested and meets standard of N95.

The main performance tests in this standard are: filter penetration & breathing resistance


Use Against: protection against particulate; aerosols free of oils.

Package:  10 Non-Medical Masks