Exel Butterfly Small Vein Infusion - Box of 50 (25G) x 3/4" Orange

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 Exel 26709 Scalp Vein Set PSV - Butterfly - Small Vein Infusion - 50/Box



  • Free of natural rubber
  • Latex individually packaged
  • Siliconized for easy insertion
  • Thin wall stainless steel cannula
  • Flexible wings provide perfect needle positioning

The Exel Scalp Vein Set PSV - Butterfly - Small Vein Infusion is a device used mainly for venipuncture. But it has multiple uses too which is explained further:

  1.             Commonly used in plastic surgery procedures to infuse saline in the tissue expander
  2.             Scalp vein sets could be used also as continuous suction drain. However, it should be connected into a 10ml syringe as well as 2cc syringe piston in order to maintain its negative suction ability
  3.             Scalp vein set may be seen being used for continuous irrigation of wounds when connected in a saline infusion
  4.             It may be utilized for the instillation of dye in fistula/sinus to delineate cavity/tract respectively as in a presternal sinus, pilonidal sinus

Due to the sensitivity of procedures this device is used for, it is only fitting that it doesn’t contain natural rubber latex, has thin wall stainless steel cannula that’s siliconized for effortless insertion and lastly, flexible wings to steadily hold the needle in place. The flexible wings are great addition too as it prevents unintentional pull out of the needle. On top of that, the butterfly-shaped wings facilitate easy attachment and handling with the skin.

All butterflies are color-coded too to provide instantaneous identification of the needle size.

Choice of:

  • 26702 - 19G x 3/4" Brown
  • 26703 - 20G x 3/4" Yellow
  • 26704 - 21G x 3/4" Green
  • 26706 - 23G x 3/4" Light Blue
  • 26708 - 25G x 3/4" Orange
  • 26709 - 27G 3/4" Grey

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