Diapers & Briefs Products


B&F Medical Supplies have a wide range of Briefs & Diapers Products suitable for those who require incontinence products while providing peace of mind about moisture absorbency of a disposable product. These disposable Briefs & Diapers look and feel comfortable and will provide you with the comfort you deserve. We carry Classic Protective Disposable Underwear with pull-up design that has the comfort and feel of regular underwear.

In addition, we carry re-useable, environmentally friendly and cost saving alternative to disposables. These Briefs & Diapers products come in various sizes for both men and women.
  • Under-pads
  • Panties
  • Briefs (Men and Women)
  • Protection Plus Classic Protective Underwear
  • Sani-Pant Brief Snap-On
  • Disp.- Chucks
  • Spartan Waterproof Pant Pull-On
  • Companion Disposable Pads 4
  • Dignity Plus Liners Pk/25 Moderate
  • Sleeper Jacket Polyester
  • Protect Extra Protective Underwearsi
  • Sir Dignity Plus Brief (Men)
  • Healthdri Men's Heavy Cotton Brief
  • Care for Reusable Underpad