60cc Piston Syringe Irrigation Kit

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500cc Graduated Container, 60cc Thumb Control Ring Piston Irrigation Syringe, Patient ID Label, Resealable IV Pole Bag

The Amsino AS127 AMSure Irrigation Kit provides you with the essentials to make it easier to administer enteral tube feeding and flush water. The kit comes with a 500 mL graduated container, 60 mL thumb ring syringe, patient ID label, ENFit syringe connector tip and a re-sealable pole bag. Having all that you need will save you time and make the task more efficient. The graduated container is large enough to contain the syringe after use and the convenient patient label is placed on the re-sealable pole bag for easy patient identification for later use.

Features and Benefits

Thins Mucus and Bronchial Secretions to Relieve Chest Congestion

  • Kit Simplifies Enteral Feeding.  Provides Bag for Easy Storage.  Patient Label Creates Easy Identification. ENFit Connector Prevents Enteral Misconnections.  Thumb Ring Syringe Design is Easy to Use and Control