Vive Precision Smart Scale - BLK

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  • EASILY TRACK YOUR WEIGHT AND HEART HEALTH: Providing eight health measurements such as heart rate, body mass and water content when connected to a compatible device. The heart rate scale utilizes an ITO glass coating with high precision gauge sensors to provide accurate weight and heart rate measurements and a full body composition analysis for personal reference. Not suitable for pregnant women or small children or for those with an implanted medical device such as a pacemaker.
  • SMART COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with most iOS and Android devices, the smart heart rate scale is wirelessly-enabled to work with the Vive Precision app without a monthly subscription fee. The app provides unlimited historical data, storing all of your measurements in one location for easily tracking your progress.
  • EASY TO READ DISPLAY: The high-contrast display features a large, easy to read font that is visible in dim locations. The Vive Precision heart rate scale displays body weight, heart rate and the percentage of body fat at a glance. BMI, water content, visceral fat, bone mass and metabolism measurements are visible on any connected device.
  • SLEEK, LOW-PROFILE DESIGN: Constructed with ITO-coated, tempered glass, the heart rate scale is slim, yet sturdy to safely support up to 396 pounds. The digital scale also features step on activation, no need to step on and off again or stoop down to press a button.
  • VIVE GUARANTEE: One year guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.