Gel Position Wheelchair Cushion 18 x16 x(4-1/2 -5 )

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18 W x 16 D x x (4.5 -5 ) * 250 Lbs. weight capacity * Provides the most advanced pressure relieving therapeutic support and positioning available * Allows therapists to offer correct posture proper spinal alignment trunk stability and all the pressure relieving characteristics required for a seating application * Zippered cover is a low shear 4-way stretch knit urethane which is fluid and stain-proof * Top layer is heat-activated memory foam which surrounds and supports the boney prominences while reducing interface pressure * Bottom cover is non-skid tri-laminate vinyl * Core is ultra soft viscous gel bladder * Front abduction wedge maintains proper midline alignment and reduces internal rotation of the hips in addition to preventing sliding and shearing forces * Middle layer is high density pressure relieving foam encapsulating the core * High density foam base provides the necessary foundation to ensure that the patient maintains the proper stability support and correct spinal alignment * Medicare Code #KO656